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Hi! Did you know there are starving children in Africa? And people who don't know how to read, right here in the States? And others who routinely mispronounce words like "sorry" and "about" up there in Canada? Just to illustrate that yes, I do realize there are plenty of people who have it worse. And I'm not really complaining about my stress level and full plate, etc. Not really. But I am, unfortunately, at maximum mental capacity these days, so (speaking of illustrating) instead of a proper post full of slightly-entertaining words, I've drawn you some pictures to clue you in on the current state of affairs here in Quinnland.

Here I am, going over the agenda for the week (I kept trying to draw bags under my eyes, but it just made me look like a weird, girly football player or something. So from now on, let's just assume extreme fatigue goes without saying/drawing):

Now here I am, realizing that it's actually a 3-day work week because we are leaving at an ungodly hour tomorrow morning to visit my family in Chicago, which is guaranteed to be stressful what with all the parent/brother breakdown drama (seriously a bad scene that's had my stomach in knots for weeks now) and oh no I haven't even packed yet!

After a brief conversation with the parents yesterday, in which I was told:
1) we probably won't be visiting my favorite pizzeria in the whole world while we're in Chicago, because, despite the fact that it is proving impossible to find decent pizza in Dallas, my parents "just had pizza last week." Heaven forbid you have pizza again this month, guys! Don't want to get you into a food rut or anything!
2) Regarding my brother: "well, as long as he still acts like an idiot, I'll still call him one."
3) Regarding our change of plans to actually spend MORE time with my parents, instead of staying overnight in the city which is fun and escapist for Monk and me but (apparently) heart-crushing for my parents: "Your mother's going to be really unhappy with all these last-minute changes."
4) Also: "Oh, great, so now that you're coming directly to the house you're going to need a ride during rush hour?" (Monk and I now plan to just take the train out to their 'burb from the airport. Wouldn't want to put anyone out.)
Um, wait, what day is it? And WHEN am I giving my notice, finishing class, studying for the national exam, having no money, scrabbling around for pocket change in the couch cushions, etc. Holy hell, is that only 3 weeks away?

Anyway. Not to be all cliffhanger about it, but this story can end in two ways here- either the stress causes my brain to spontaneously combust in the next few weeks,

Or: I quickly gain success and fortune as a massage therapist, spreading the power of touch and a few other granola-y philosophies throughout the world. Guess which one I'm crossing my fingers for...

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Anonymous skyhawk said...

"Well, as long as he still acts like an idiot, I'll still call him one." Solid contender for "best line ever" honors.

Hope you guys manage to snag some Chicago pizza while you're out there, as unlikely to occur as that may seem...

I miss you guys!

7:46 AM  
Anonymous pickle said...

Namaste, darling. Namaste.

Miss you.

4:56 PM  

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