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Oh hey there. Did you know we've hired my replacement? And yet the boss still would like me to stay until October? And how there's no way in hell that's going to happen?

Also, did you know that I hate training people? And yet I still think I'll be a good massage teacher some day? And how difficult it is to bite your tongue all day to keep from yelling "Keep up! Keep up, stupid!!!!"

Anyway. (Still) too early to analyze the brother situation, and am (still) a little tired from Sunday, which basically involved waking up at 4:30 for a day of massage stuff that finally ended at 9 that night. Plus, I need to conserve my energy (and time!) so I can pack for our annual escape. We leave Thursday morning with two of the dogs- the foster devil will stay behind and help my brother destroy the house in our absence. Oh, I know I should think positively.

*Well, if the house burns down at least we won't have to pay thousands of dollars to fix the year-old plumbing issue we've been ignoring.*

How's that for positive?

Have a terrific Labor Day weekend. When I return there will be more complaining, only this time it will be in more of a god-i'm-getting-old-why-is-there-a-zero-at-the-end-of-my-age-now sort of way (hysterical sobbing to follow).

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Anonymous skyhawk said...

Enjoy your vacation! (And yes, everyone is allowed to joke about it. Sorry I didn't make that clear before... but have at it now!)

2:37 PM  

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