So my replacement at the office is... not quick. Not quiet. And not Quinn. But hey, I'm outta here, so I'm working hard at finding the right balance between caring, and "not my problem, adios, suckers!"

Also, my assistant spent last week threatening to quit, so that was great. She's agreed to stay, for now, and I'm just hoping I get out before the proverbial dooky hits the oscillating blades, if you will.

A slightly worrisome development at the office is that I could swear my replacement smelled of smoke and booze this afternoon. Not sure how big of a deal to make of it, and will probably opt for the 'duck and cover' (or rather, 'keep your head down, keep going') strategy on this one as well.

This is my last full-time week at the office, and then I start the part-time, as needed, bill the company for my time (and possibly for anything even remotely resembling work time i.e., "oh! I just thought about the office at dinner... that'll be another hour's pay, please") phase of the transition. Which may take me through October after all, if the Not Me we're trying to train continues to Not Get It.

Meanwhile, I have no office and no computer (and no desk, and no place to put my stuff except the cardboard box sitting in the middle of my boss's office- woo!), and therefore (and most devastating) no internet access (priorities, people), so posting will be sporadic- please don't forget about me in the meantime. And I promise to put some sort of (boring) recap of our beach weekend up here soonish.

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Blogger Lisa said...

Sorry to hear the "not Quin" is not bright. Bummer. Hope you get out of there before the chick quits or falls apart.

11:40 AM  

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