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I've been really slacking on keeping up with everyone else's posts, and obviously haven't been great at the updates on my own. Things have been a little hectic as usual, with Halloween parties (roller derby girl was a big hit), massage jobs, weekend classes, etc. I'd like to give a proper update here, today, but my mind is kind of reeling from the latest development in the twisted version of Three's Company going on in Quinnland.

Thanks to a visit with my brother's psychiatrist, we now have a somewhat solid, additional diagnosis that has shoved the ADD to the backseat and will now be riding shotgun with the depression. I'm still researching what this means for my brother and for the people around him, short- and long-term, socially, financially, etc., and the more I find out the less prepared I feel. For now I'll just tell you that an antipsychotic drug has been added to his daily prescription repertoire.

So, we're all still processing... The thing is, if I'M scared, I can't imagine how HE feels right now.

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Blogger That Nervous Girl said...

I haven't known quite what to say, but I know the situation with your brother can't be easy on any of you. I just wanted to at least say hello and I hope that you're all hanging in there alright.

2:23 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

My heart is with you both. He's lucky in that he has a wonderful, loving, patient sister.

1:10 PM  

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