Air it out

Let’s open up some windows and get some fresh air in here. Oops, something just came flying in through the window, what is that? Is that another problem? Oh, but this one’s light and fluffy and kind of cute, how refreshing! Let’s take a look:

Yesterday I had a brief but well-paid chair massage at a small office in North Dallas. I received rave reviews and a piece of baklava (this is actually not a rare occurrence- the free food bonus I mean) (um, neither are rave reviews by the way), and left my contact information with one of the people so he could book a 60-minute table session with me after the holidays. He seemed like a very cool guy, and as we talked I may have assumed a little about him; figured he would want to book back-to-back appointments for himself and his boyfriend and yay, more money for me, etc.

Before I’d completed the 30-minute drive home he had sent an email full of massage compliments, a mention of scheduling a table session, and then asked if I wanted to grab coffee sometime.

Now, I love “going for coffee” and I’ve often thought it’s a shame I don’t have anyone in the Dallas area to do this with more often, so of course meeting someone who suggests it should be aces. Except, the invitation was preceded by a “hope this isn’t too forward,” and normally that’s something that implies… more… Isn’t it? Or am I (gasp!) just that far out of the game that I'm reading something into nothing? It could just be a nod to how awkward it becomes for all of us, once we’re out of college and being all adultish to initiate new friendships. He could have been asking if I see my clients socially or if that was overstepping professional boundaries.

Or, he could have been asking me out.

I don’t claim to have a good “radar” or anything, but I would have put a LOT of money on this horse (liking other boy horses), folks. I guess I need to find out more about his intentions (oh hello, I must be channeling my grandfather right now) before I take him up on his invitation. Maybe I’ll just ask him if his boyfriend will be joining us (“oh, you’re not gay? Oh ha ha, my bad, I’m such an idiot I do stuff like that all the time, my HUSBAND will have such a laugh when I tell him, hee!”) and let the awkward chips fall where they may.

Mmm, awkward chips. Probably go well with the Make-An-Ass-of-Yourself dip.

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Anonymous Pickle said...

He was asking you out.

10:05 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Yup. He likes you.

You've still "got it" chicky!

10:48 PM  

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