i luv txtng LOL

I may have been the last person in the world to get on board with the whole texting thing but nowadays, with unlimited texting packages and the kind of daily existence that doesn't easily lend itself to making phone calls, I've fallen in love. Hard. And found others of my kind, those of the i-could-call-but-can't-be-bothered-to-actually-speak-so-here's-a-text-instead school. These people have no idea, whether it's texting between massage appointments, sneaking a reply before a corporate meeting, or passing time during a lecture, how much this modern day version of passing notes during class entertains me.

Last Friday, I stared out at the dreary, gray view during a particularly monotonous day of chair massage, forearms aching, wind rattling the windows of the building, wishing I were home or running errands or napping or... ANYTHING but standing/kneading/squeezing/leaning/etc. for hours. So the 40-odd text conversations that occurred that afternoon really helped take my mind off the tedium. Some highlights:

"I ripped a piece of skin off the top of my pinky yesterday – been massaging like an old lady daintily holding a teacup all day."

"Today is full of firsts! I had a lady whip her boob out of her shirt to show me a scar then my first classy transvestite! I had to look for the Adam’s apple to be sure."

"Can’t believe how many people still equate ‘force’ to ‘effectiveness.’ Some of these clients aren’t happy til my elbow goes through their kidney."

"I’m now The Original One-Legged Massage Therapist. Basically playing musical chairs with myself. Can you picture it?"
(I couldn't, and begged for a photo but alas, her self-portrait skills with the cell phone were lacking)

"So, a man in an electric wheelchair is sitting 3 floors down in the parking lot, facing away from the building. He was conducting an invisible orchestra earlier but has been absolutely still for over an hour now. He’s probably dead...

And instead of calling 911, I’m texting people, going for the ‘Unfinished Symphony’ joke, while Schubert spins in his grave…"

I love modern technology. I really do.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I should have sent this one to you the other day (sent it to a friend in Philly):

"I just drove past a KFC in the ghetto. Their sign read: GOT THEM HOT WINGS."

-- Pickle

11:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ummm, where are you?

8:34 AM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Love texting too. Usually its a "I need a drink. Where are we meeting up tonight." (With the girls.) Especially good when in a crowded, loud bar!

10:36 PM  

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