I've grown accustomed to your Facebook (profile)

I'll admit I do have a MySpace account. Unfortunately I lost interest in it about 5 minutes after its creation and now it has been so long since I've logged in that my login ID and password have been completely obscured from memory by about ten layers of mental dust; even if I could find them in the swiss cheese of my brain, I wouldn't want to pick them up. I keep waiting for the day when blogs and MySpace and Facebook and such fade out in an anticlimactic, the-times-they-are-a-changin death scene, but for now they still seem to have a tenacious grip on the 13-80 year old demographic. I've become quite adept at ignoring emails telling me that "SexyLexi has sent you an email!" or that "JoeCollegeAlum misses you!"

(Ignoring the impulse to post my frazzled, depressed musings on the pity party-inducing, unoriginal stresses in my small life, however, still needs a little work.)

An old friend (former friend?) (Someone who used to send a group email to everyone he knew, filled with paragraphs about his mundane life, but never seemed to have a moment to send a personal inquiry) (ok, there’s no easy label) (hi, Bitter? Party of one, thanks) sent me a generic Facebook invitation the other day. Not annoying enough with the “hey, come read all about my life and how fascinating I am on this website” message, or with the idea that I would have to create yet another random account for yet another website I would keep forgetting to visit, and then subsequently forget my login ID anyway, never to visit the site again, but the most annoying bit of the email was, drumroll please... My name? Was misspelled.

My FIRST name, people.

So, join Facebook? Yeah, I'll get right on that.

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Anonymous skyhawk said...

LOL. Leave it to you to reference a classic musical in the title (did you watch "My Fair Lady" on AMC last night, too?)

Sadly, I also broke down a few months ago and created a MySpace profile... spent some time on it, too. To date, I have three "friends" -- two of which are local businesses.

Sigh. My ego will have to overcome, somehow, this crushing blow of internet un-popularity.

Oh, and keep yer chin up (re: last post.)

11:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ooh, ooh! Who was it?!

Me? : )

- Pickle

12:50 AM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Awhile back someone asked me to join Facebook. They told me it was like MySpace for blogging moms. So I joined. And then I felt really silly when I was seeing my 20-year-old cousins as well as their pics of drunken party nights. But at least THEY think I'm almost cool for being on Facebook. (ALMOST.But not really. I'll take that.)

Oh and am catching up on your blog. CONGRATS on passing the exam. YEAY YOU.

4:06 PM  

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