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My sister is cutting my hair (too short, ALWAYS too short. You'd think, in one's cosmetology class they'd teach you to LISTEN to your client, but whatever, a free haircut's a free haircut I suppose) and telling me about her marital problems. They've gotten to the point where a separation, and the logistics thereof, have been discussed. This is amazing timing, as our parents will be arriving Friday night for a week-long 'visit' that will be high-stress enough- appointments (read: confrontations) scheduled with my brother's counselor and psychiatrist, discussions re: his long-term plan, our role in his (lack of progress), etc. Everyone knows my sister's marriage is flailing, but she dreads the conversation (and parental judgment to follow) about how very bad it's become.

"He keeps telling me he just wants to get his passport and take off to another country" she tells me, outraged (snip, snip, snipping away).

"Hmmm," I reply mildly, thinking of pixie cuts and a recent post, "that thought has crossed my mind on occasion, too."

"Yeah, but YOU don't have KIDS" she declares, the trump card in every conversation of trial and tribulation.

"True," I agree, and then it just slips out: "Which would probably make the urge that much stronger."

Frankly, I'm surprised I escaped with any hair at all.

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Anonymous skyhawk said...

I recently had a similar experience... though your story takes the cake, because it involved the potential for actual physical harm to your person (well, your hair, anyway.) I went to lunch with a manager at DMC a few weeks back, who still works there. Halfway through lunch, she mentions that so-and-so, who also worked there when I did but quit in a huff soon afterward, recently came back.

I'd like to say this was a knee-jerk reaction... but I actually paused a few seconds before responding, "Good god, WHY?"

My lunch companion -- who still works at DMC -- chose not to take offense... though I think she could have.

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