Also, it's been unbelievably windy here which is making my brain shut down

Oh hey.  How's it going?  Long time, no see and all that.  Somehow this month I stumbled into a spa job and my own office within 24 hours of each other (literally stumbled into the office situation when a new client gave me the wrong suite number for his outcall appointment- 90 minutes later I had a chiropractor offering me a ridiculously low rent option for a massage room in his wellness clinic), not to mention an obscene amount of chair massage business, a handful of new outcall clients, so, um, I seem to have found myself a bit... over-scheduled lately.  Also, I'm heading down to El Paso this weekend with TF to show off my lack of climbing skills ("hey kids, check out how I climb with my elbows!  Wanna learn how to smash a kneecap?!").  So sometime in the next two days I have to figure out how to set up a flimsy tent I've never actually used, despite the fact that we've had it for about six years now (that means we've moved it... three times?  Three times we've packed this thing among our belongings and lugged it to a new place, where it has sat in a new dark corner, gathering new layers of dust.  I would not be surprised if I pulled it out of the pack tonight and watched it crumble away at my feet).

The spa job was initially supposed to be a way for me to pick up a little extra money on the occasional Saturday, but I'm pretty sure they bonked me on the head with a Music for Relaxation CD during the interview because I found myself committing to three days a week at the place, much to my post-interview, dear-god-what-have-I-done dismay.  So now I get the bonus anxiety this week of trying to extricate myself from the scheduling mess I've created.  Genius, me.

I had my first massage appointment at my new office space last night and, despite the room being a little on the small side ("oh!  that clunking you just heard?  That was just my ass hitting the wall, don't mind that, ha ha ha!") I think it's going to work out just fine.  The only problem being I've been so pro-outcall with my existing clients I don't think any of them will be inclined to give up the convenience of in-home massage to trek to my new office.  So now the marketing campaign for new business must begin.  Should be a hoot.

I'd better get going here- lots to cram into my day, including several minutes of gazing in awe at the brand new sleeping bag I forced myself to buy yesterday.  So shiny!  So insulated!  So.. Red!  And no flannel lining, or sticky zipper issues!  Welcome to the 21st century, kiddo!  You will now know how it feels to actually remain DRY and WARM while camping, imagine that!  

To add to the excitement of camping/climbing preparations, TF and I are having a rather heated debate about headlamps, the purchase and use thereof, and I should find out later today if my latest argument via text (I'm not wearing no goddamn headlamp.  I am old school 4 realz.  You will have to pry my FLASHLIGHT from my cold, dead hands.  Fuckin headlamp nazi.) has finally put that shit to rest.

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