Too bad they don't allow camping

Because I am very much into Being Out of Town, and Getting Out of the House, and Hand-feeding Giraffes (wait, what?), when a friend invited me to spend the day near Fossil Rim with him, I happily accepted.  I thought we would hike around the countryside (yep, especially when you get lost), give a baby goat a bottle (not as easy it as it sounds, especially when all the baby goats are far more interested in... eating my shirt), and pet some horses (done and done).  I hadn't realized that the person whose house he was sitting had an all-access pass to the wildlife refuge nearby and that we would in fact be going on safari in the middle of Texas.

According to the rules of the park, you should only enjoy the animals from your car.  

Do not get out of your car to snap camera phone pics of the view.
Also, please only hand-feed the giraffes.

Do not hand-feed the other animals.  Even if they stick their big fuzzy heads wayyyy inside the car and blink their greedy eyes at you.

And, should your friend's friend's (following that?) dog get into it with a skunk, you can earn extra karma credit if you stick around to help with the tomato juice bath (and, oh darn, not make it to the gym that evening).  And it's ok to double-up on the latex gloves and then spend the next few hours paranoid that you still smell like wet dog and skunk.

[Sorry, no pics for that last one.]

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Blogger Lisa said...

Oh my gosh. I found myself leaning back when I saw that last photo. That animal, CLEARLY has no idea what "personal space" means!

Wow. You DO get extra credit points for helping with the dog bath. YIKES.

1:09 AM  
Anonymous skyhawk said...

The deer is priceless...

"Hi there, give me food, you know you want to... say, did you know I have teeth? And these long, sharp things growing out of my head can do serious damage to this door, nevermind your arm? And hey, just a reminder, you know I'm hungry, right?"

I, for one, think it's cute. But then again, I wasn't within inches of those antlers,!

5:16 PM  

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