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It may not seem like the brightest of ideas for someone with zero experience to embark on an un-mapped float route on an unknown body of water, in a two-seater kayak with a friend who reveals over dinner that he has, in fact, only been in a kayak twice before (and not once in a tandem boat).  

But if you want to increase the Dumb Factor even more, you may want to add the condition that the kayak must enter the water well after the sun has set, only a sliver of moon shining down on you... and that you head for the nearest channel-masquerading-as-bayou (to which you have been cheerfully directed by what appears to be a homeless man fishing off the bank with a blue glo-stick pole) to spend the next three hours filled with mysterious splashes, dangling spider webs, birds posted like sentinels on half-submerged stumps, and other various things that go bump (against the boat) in the night.

But it can be a really great way to pass the time on a Wednesday night.

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Blogger Lisa said...

I dunno. Sounds pretty awesome to me.

Hope you are great. Hope all is going well at your house.

2:57 PM  

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