Things that don't make sense, but do

1) Watched Across the Universe last week and fell in love with it, despite not really being able to follow the storyline (although this might have been due in part to the margaritas consumed earlier at happy hour after an afternoon of climbing, rather than any gaping plot holes) (no, I'm sure there were gaping plot holes).  I don't care that the story was a bit contrived, it made me love the Beatles again.  And I thought that was an impossibility at this point.

2) Spending maybe 20 minutes total on the Brazos River trying to figure out how to work a sit-on-top kayak, never falling in but still ending up soaked, and declaring it a successful kayak trip.

3)  Seeing massage business dwindle for the summer and, instead of freaking out about the lack of income, celebrating all the days off to come.  Feel free to come back and call me a fool when I write the Post Full of Panic, ETA: July.

4)  Planning a 3-day (and very expensive) trip to Chicago mostly to spend a day at the Taste, something Monk and I used to sneer at when we actually lived there and could travel to it for the $3 subway fare it might have cost us.  Also will be spending 2 of those days with my parents, despite not having actually spoken to either of them in about a month.  Oh, the joys of family drama.

5)  Going to the dentist after 5 years (FIVE YEARS!  The shame!) of avoiding it, only to discover not only are my wisdom teeth staying in, but I still do not have any cavities... And spending the next couple of days being prouder of that accomplishment than my college degree.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm positive my next trip to the dentist (it has easily been 5 for me, as well) won't go as smooth. Smoothly?

What I'm sayin' is, I'm getting the drill, fo' sho'.

I found a couple of new entries in that list of songs with titles that share your name. As for songs with my own name. . . not going so well.


2:31 PM  

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