Well, after much debate and mental/emotional angst, Monk and I decided it would be in everyone's best interest for my brother to move out of our house and into Sister's for the coming year.  Since we'll still be attending support group meetings, having him over for the occasional dinner, going to the gym with him and seeing him in class (Monk and my brother are enrolled in the same Monday night class for the coming semester... OMG!  Study buddies!  BFF!  Squee!), the main difference will be a) we get the guest room back and 2) no one will be standing in the middle of the kitchen staring at me as I make a sandwich in the afternoon or attempt to make conversation with my spouse.  Oh, to live a scrutiny-free life again!

I could go into the details of the decision and what our concerns are, but I've declared a moratorium on the in-depth analysis of the situation for the time-being and would like to focus on the fact that, in less than a week, our "houseguest" will be no more.  He plans to make the move on Friday (FRIDAY!) and a couple of weeks after that Monk and I will celebrate by changing the locks and leaving the country.

Okay, we won't be changing the locks.

But, Mexico, here we come!  We've dug up our passports and booked a trip to a resort in Tulum that offers snorkeling, scuba, and tours of ancient ruins.  At least, those are the highlights given to family and work colleagues.

Here's where I admit that the main selling point to our getaway is listed in the brochure as... "three swim-up bars."  Three!  Because we are not the kind of people to slum it at a place that would only offer one.  A person has to have some standards, you know.

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Anonymous skyhawk said...

Excellent news, Quinn! Sounds like this is the best "interim" move bro could make... though he'll still be a huge part of your lives, between going to class with Monk (lo, to be a fly on that blackboard) and still living fairly close to you guys. But at least you can tell him to go home!!!!

(Unless, of course, you and Monk decide to stay to Mexico. After all, you need time to adequately "investigate" those three swim-up bars...)

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