Is this irony?

(or: Yes, When You're Living It, You Can Make Fun of It)

(rather: When You're Living It, You HAVE To Make Fun of It)

(If You Don't Want To End Up Losing It Completely)

Last night my brother and I attended his weekly mental illness support group meeting (dinner out, for a change of pace).  I was struck by how far he's come in the last several months when, not only did he contribute to and initiate conversation, he actually challenged one of the members after listening to yet another (the same, recurring, lather, rinse, repeat) diatribe.  

Just tell me honestly, who among you could actually keep a straight face when one schizophrenic waits for the other to stop ranting and, after a beat, calmly but firmly tells him: "You're paranoid."

Ah, life.  Sometimes you are too good to me.

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