(I'm not cranky.  Just tired of biting my tongue.)

1.  Those skinny jeans do not look good on you.  I know what you read.  I know what the salespeople told you.  But no.  Take a better look in the mirror.  Not a flattering look. On anyone.  Okay, maybe one person looks decent in them.  But honey, you're not that person.

2.  Speaking of skinny...  My father tells me for the hundredth time that he and my mother are worried about me.  That I might be too thin.  I might not be taking care of myself.  I need to gain a few pounds.  I offer the theory that perhaps I am in shape, everyone else is just fat.  It does not seem to blow his mind like I thought it would.

3.  Speaking of parents....   Are we over the mommyblog craze yet?  Can we start idolizing some of the nonmommybloggers?  A new blog movement perhaps?  I mean, just for a change of pace.**  Or have we all abandoned the blog thing in favor of Facebook and Twitter by now?  

4.  Lots of news stories and interviews on the radio with people who are losing their homes due to the economy.  IS it the economy?  Or is it that you bought more home than you should have, or that you didn't fully understand the terms of the (typically *un*fixed rate) mortgage loan before agreeing to it?  

5.  Was out of town for Thanksgiving.  Saw my godparents.  Noted the fridge was practically wallpapered with family photos.  Probably too much to assume they would have, I don't know, just one photo of their godchild somewhere in there?  Not that I have a photo of them hanging anywhere (but you can bet that after this visit I'm making sure I have one on hand.  Just in case they ever come to Texas for a visit cuz, hoo boy!  That sure would be awkward!).    

6.  Decided this year to stop all this holiday card obligation nonsense.  Instead of compiling a giant list of everyone I know and should send a greeting to, I have no list.  If a card comes in, I send one out.  Which means Monk's corporate people and the relatives I don't keep in touch with will be receiving our warmest wishes for the holiday season.  If you don't get a card from me, it probably means I care about you enough that I don't want to hang that holiday card obligation cloud above your head.  Let's just text on the day(ish) and be done with it.  THAT'S giving.  THAT'S love.  

**No, no, anyone I link to is not included in this Fatigue of the (Blog) Soul rant.  YOU are still fabulous.

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Blogger Beckalicious said...


And #6. That has been my xmas card sending policy for my entire adult life. Which means I only really need to send out, like, MAYBE 5 cards. (:

11:51 AM  
Blogger Rob said...

...And after slaving to send out 30+ cards to work acquaintances and business contacts, I read this entry and I am free. FREE.

Warmest holiday regards (and general non-screaming-baby-in-manger-next-to-lying-tramp-mother-and-ignorant-father-"Yeah-sure-it's-a-virgin-birth-yet-I-am-the-one-who's-divinely-screwed"-and-surrounded-by-flatulent-goats well-wishes, too) to you and the Monkman. And I swear, one of these days we WILL get together over tapas.

1:32 PM  

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